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When it comes to corporate gift ideas, finding something worthwhile can be tough. You want it to be thoughtful, useful, good for their well-being, and have a positive impact on the business. But there aren’t many low-cost gifts that tick all those boxes. That’s why savvy founders and business leaders all over the world give their teams Loop earplugs.

Small earplugs, big impact

Owning a pair of Loops empowers your employees to manage distractions and find their focus, helping boost productivity and increase overall performance. On the well-being front, they help reduce anxiety, lower stress levels, improve sleep quality and make the 08:30 train into work so much more bearable. They’re practical, reusable, comfortable, and made to fit any style, making them the perfect gift for your employees.

  • Fewer distractions

  • More focus

  • Better sleep

  • Stress-free commutes

  • Peaceful travel

  • Quieter me-time

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  • Worldwide shipping

  • 6-month warranty

  • 2 million + sold

  • 24/7 support

Loop Quiet

Focus | Sleep | Noise Sensitivity

Reduces maximum background noise to enhance focus, productivity and flow. Great for tuning out the world and getting in the zone.

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Loop Engage

Social Gatherings | Parenting | Noise Sensitivity

Reduces background noise while keeping speech clear, allowing for engaging, free-flowing conversations. Great for team collaboration and social events.

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Loop Experience

Focus | Noise Sensitivity | Music & Events

Reduces background noise while keeping sound quality clear, allowing for an ever-present feeling at a reduced volume. Great for busy co-working spaces.

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