For which Loop earplug would you like like to see the technical specs?

  • Noise-reduction

    Up to 26.2 dB (SNR) / 14 dB (NRR)

  • Effect

    Muffles noise for maximum reduction

  • Material

    Soft-touch silicone

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How Quiet works

Made from solid silicone to reduce maximum noise, Loop Quiet aims to block sound waves across all frequencies to help you tune out the world.

  • Flexible design

    For free movement and comfort during sleep.

  • Kind on skin

    Made from hypoallergenic silicone.

  • Matte finish

    Soft-touch matte finish for a unique look 
and feel.

  • Noise-reduction

    16 dB (SNR) / 10 dB (NRR)

  • Effect

    Filters noise for
    clear speech

  • Material

    ABS acrylic

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How Engage works

Combining a cleverly engineered acoustic channel and mesh filter, Loop Engage allows low and mid frequencies to pass through while higher frequencies attenuate, taking the edge off while keeping speech sounding natural.

  • Clear speech

    Features a unique acoustic
    channel and mesh filter.

  • Translucent design

    A range of colorful, transulcent
    earplugs for a bold look.

  • Noise-reduction

    Up to 18 dB (SNR) / 7 dB (NRR)

  • Effect

    Filters noise for
    clear sound

  • Material

    ABS acrylic

How Experience works

Combining a cleverly engineered acoustic channel and mesh filter, Loop Experience reduces sound evenly across all frequencies, reducing the volume while retaining crisp, clear sound quality.

  • Crystal clear sound

    Features a unique acoustic channel and mesh filter.

  • Metallic finish

    Coated with a bold metallic finish for a party-ready look.

  • Certified hearing protection

  • Adjustable ear tip sizes

  • Lightweight & comfortable

  • Lasts up to 5 years

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What’s the difference?


SNR and NRR are rating scales used to measure attenuation offered by a hearing protection device when worn correctly.

NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) complies with the US standard to secure our ANSI certification, while SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) complies with the EU standard to secure our CE certification.

SNR ratings are typically a 2-3 dB higher than NRR ratings due to a difference in calculations, however, they are both representative of the same performance and functionality.

All Loop earplugs are compliant with EU test standard EN352-2 and US test standard: ANSI S3.19-1973.

RedDot Award winner

World-class design

The winner of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2023, Loop Engage is globally recognized as an outstanding example of innovation in the earplug space.

Safety first

Certified hearing protection

Following EN and ANSI safety standards, all Loop earplugs are certified as PPE hearing protection, offering high-quality protection against damaging noise for up to 5 years.