Earplugs to help your people shine

From improving sleep and focus to reducing stress, Loop earplugs keep your employees at their best.

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  • Out of all the plugs I tried, these are my favorites

    “If focusing on your work is an issue, these earplugs will prove their worth the moment you put them in."

  • You've never seen an earplug look this good

    "Comfort and sound aside, what they’ve really got going on is style."

  • The best reusable earplugs for sleeping and live shows

    "Feel free to move around, dance and sing; they’re not going anywhere."

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  • Improves sleep quality

  • To reduce stress and anxiety

  • Reduces distractions

  • Improves focus and creativity

  • Supports neurodiversity

  • Protects hearing long-term

  • “It’s the first earplug that works for everyone. That’s what makes them unique.”

    - Lara Delacourt,
    IT Recruiter at Delaware Consulting

  • “All of our employees at job fairs asked if they can have a pair.”
    - Eva Peeters,
    Business Lead at Antwerp Management School