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Looking for the perfect goodie bag gift? With earplugs for sleep, music and more, there’s a Loop for everyone.

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A corporate gift bag essential

From event goodie bags to gifts for visitors, Loop earplugs make the perfect corporate gift. With earplugs for sleep, focus and noise sensitivity to hearing protection at concerts and events, there’s a Loop earplug for everyone. Choose from dozens of unique colors to match your brand or keep in with the theme of the event.

#1 employee appreciation gift

What better way to show your employees you care than looking after their hearing, mental health and overall well-being in one? Purposeful, practical and loved by millions around the world, Loop earplugs make the perfect little addition to your employee goodie bags.


Sleep | Focus Travel | Noise Sensitivity

Loop Quiet

Reduce maximum noise and get in your bubble for improved sleep, focus and downtime.

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Social Gatherings | Parenting | Noise Sensitivitiy

Loop Engage

Take the edge off without affecting your speech to reduce anxiety at work, as a parent or in social situations.

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Engage Plus

Music & Events | Motorcycling | Noise Sensitivity

Loop Engage Plus

Take the edge off without affecting sound quality for a better experience at concerts, festivals and beyond.

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  • Small earplugs, big impact

    Supports sleep, stress, noise sensitivity and more.

  • Dozens of bold colors

    Whatever their style, there’s a Loop color for everyone.

  • Perfect fit every time

    Comes with adjustable ear tip sizes for a custom fit.

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  • Peace and quiet on demand

  • Enhances focus and creativity

  • Improves sleep quality

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Protects hearing long-term

  • Supports neurodiversity

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  • Best Buy

    “Love it! Looks cool and protects me from noise. I'm a highly sensitive person, so I bought it just to feel comfortable in the conditions that most people consider normal. I moved into a very noisy building and my Loops helped me!

    Aleksandra M.

  • Music quality is still amazing

    “I like to go to techno or drum n' bass parties, but used to get very soar ears an hour into clubbing. With these the music quality is still as good, but I can enjoy it much more! I am so happy with these plugs, absolutely recommend them.”

    Myke K.

  • Got some Experience to focus.

    “I use these when I work, when I'm in crowded places with too much background noise, or when I go to my parent's church (the organ is so loud!). They're amazing! I also got mutes for when I need more quiet -- naptime on an airplane for example.”


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