With earplugs for music lovers, parents, light sleepers and more, there’s a Loop for everyone on your list.

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Loop Quiet

By tuning out background noise for instant calm and focus, Loop Quiet is the perfect gift for light sleepers, travel lovers and those who want to get in the zone.

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Loop Engage

By taking the edge off without muffling speech, Loop Engage is the perfect gift for parents, go-getters and co-working team members in the office.

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Loop Experience

By reducing the volume without compromising sound quality, Loop Experience is the perfect gift for music lovers, festival-goers and beyond.

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  • Earplugs for everything

    From sleep to focus, partying to parenting and beyond.

  • A range of unique colors

    Dozens of bold colors to match their unique style.

  • Custom fit every time

    Comes with adjustable ear tip sizes for a custom fit.

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Personalized gifts with a purpose

When it comes to appreciation gifts, nothing beats Loop earplugs. Designed with well-being in mind, Loops offer unmatched noise support for all of life’s moments. From better sleep to enhanced focus, partying to parenting and beyond, they’re the thoughtful gift they didn’t know they needed.

End-of-year cheer

With a wide range of bold colors to choose from, Loops make a great end-of-year gift for your clients, team and anyone in between. By improving well-being and empowering them to be their most authentic selves, Loops are the perfect way to show them you care.

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  • The productivity hackers

  • The light sleepers

  • The globetrotters

  • The festival lovers

  • The weekend warriors

  • The neurodivergent ones

  • The serenity seekers

  • The noise-sensitive ones

  • The new parents

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  • My kids have a happy mama

    "Before I got my Loop earplugs, I’d get triggered by noise and become more irritable as the day went on. Now my kiddos have a happy mama who can make it through the day with a genuine smile.”

    June A.

  • Music quality is still amazing

    “I like to go to techno or drum n' bass parties, but used to get very soar ears an hour into clubbing. With these the music quality is still as good, but I can enjoy it much more!"

    Myke K.

  • Got some Experience to focus

    “I use these when I work, when I'm in crowded places with too much background noise, or when I go to my parent's church (the organ is so loud!). They're amazing!”


  • Helps keep my anxiety at bay

    “Going out in the city is really stressful for me. The bars are always really loud and I struggle to stay focused on what everyone is saying and feel lots of anxiety. The Engage really helps me stay relaxed so I can actually enjoy being out with the girls.”

    Brena L.

  • Everything sounds clear still

    “To be honest, I was ready to sacrifice hearing the engine roar for keeping my ears protected. But with Loop Experience, I didn’t have to. Everything sounds clear still.”


  • My insomnia is finally gone!

    "I can finally get to sleep without hearing every little noise that irritates me and fuels my insomnia. Thank goodness for these precious little silicone earplugs!”

    Saeed M.

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