Protect their ears from first-year students to faculty with Loop earplugs, high-quality hearing protection made for college life.

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Earplugs for students

Between crowded dorm rooms and communal work areas, college campuses can be noisy places. Loop provides the best earplugs for college by offering high-quality hearing protection for students when they need it most.

Whether using earplugs for the classroom to increase focus and concentration or taking the edge off pep rallies and after-parties, Loops are the best reusable earplugs for studying or for everyday, on-the-go use at college.

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Sleep | Downtime

Loop Quiet

Reduces noise and distractions for students, enhancing their ability to concentrate while studying and get restful sleep.

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Focus | Communication | Safety

Loop Engage

Takes the edge off campus noise while allowing clear communication between professors and students.

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Engage Plus

Focus | Communication | Safety

Loop Engage Plus

All the benefits of Engage, plus a little extra noise control for extra-noisy environments.

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  • Reduce stress

    Create a calmer environment for everyone on campus.

  • Enhance concentration

    Fewer distractions help students excel in their studies, and staff thrive in their roles.

  • Promote well-being

    Keep students and staff in a positive mindset both inside and outside the classroom.

  • Support neurodiversity

    Help everyone feel included and part of a community on campus.

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"I highly recommend Loops to students."

"As a college student, I experience a lot of noise on a daily basis. From construction on campus to noisy lecture halls—these situations encompass it all. I'm able to take notes comfortably during lectures and still clearly hear what the professor is saying. In smaller classrooms, they - Loop Engage - can eliminate the hum of the air conditioner and reduce any hallway noise from other students while also blocking out outside construction noise. I highly recommend Loops to everybody, but especially to students."

- Abby L.