See how companies like Google, 
Nike and Amazon use Loop earplugs 
to improve well-being and boost productivity.

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Having happy and productive teams is the foundation of a strong business. That’s why companies like Google, Amazon and Nike introduced their teams to Loop.

From enhancing focus and creativity to improving sleep, Loop earplugs empower your employees to show up as their best selves.

Whether you’re struggling with office distractions or need high-quality hearing protection for your workforce, book a call and see how Loop can help boost your business.

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The minimum order quantity for custom orders is 10,000 units.

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“We’re convinced Loop earplugs will be a game-changer for our future events and office spaces.”

Meghan Henshall, Global Events Strategy at Google

  • Enhances focus and creativity

  • Improves sleep quality

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Boosts confidence

  • Enhances life experiences

  • Easier travel and commutes

  • Protects hearing long-term

  • Supports neurodiversity

  • Supports overall well-being

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