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Elisabeth Oll,
Cabin Crew Performance Supervisor at Xfly

"I've been pleasantly surprised by how well Loop's Engage Plus earplugs have been received by our Cabin Crew at Xfly."

Earplugs for cabin crew

"Safety is our top priority, and finding protective hearing equipment that reduces the noise from aircraft engines but keeps our Cabin Crew present for all communication was an important step. We care about our crew’s health here in Xfly, so choosing Loop was a decision driven by necessity, but I am happy to say that it turned out to be a smart choice."

"We tackle very common problems of our Cabin Crew that are caused by the engine noise, like tiredness and head aches. Personally, I've felt a noticeable change when flying with Loop’s. I feel less fatigued after flights and I'm still able to catch every vital communication from the crew and our passengers. It's that balance of protection and presence that really stands out for me."

"Engage Plus hasn't just met our expectations, it's become a vital part of our equipment. They provide the protection we need without isolating us from what's happening around us, which is crucial in our line of work. The fact that they integrate so well with our uniform is a bonus, ensuring we don't have to compromise on professionalism. For anyone in the aviation industry looking for hearing protection that ticks all the boxes - safety, communication, and a professional look - I can't recommend Loop's Engage Plus enough. They've made a significant difference in our operations and have quickly become indispensable to our Cabin Crew."

  • Reduces loud noises

  • Enhances focus

  • Improves communication

  • Protects hearing long-term

  • Reduces workplace stress

  • Supports neurodiversity

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