Loop earplugs improve your team’s focus & productivity by up to 300%. What could you achieve?

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Help your whole team flourish

Designed to reduce up to 16 dB of background noise, Loop Engage earplugs empower your people to manage their distractions, find their flow and take charge of their day.

More focus = better business

Studies show noise pollution in the workplace impacts the concentration, productivity and creativity of 69% of employees globally. That’s a big number.

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Each month, we send a limited number of earplug samples to businesses looking to
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  • “I work in an open office and sometimes I just need to tune things out to focus. These [Loop Quiet earplugs] are perfect for that.”

    – Melissa, 27

  • “I can still hear my co-workers chatting and walking around, but my Loop earplugs deaden the sound, so I’m significantly less distracted.”

    – Caitlin, 31

  • “Took off enough decibels for me to concentrate in the office and the different earplug sizes meant they actually fit me.”

    – Emma, 49

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